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Years ago, when I visited India, something that really struck a chord with me was the way that they put the customers at the heart of their business.

I noticed that they went above and beyond to offer a good service, nurturing and building solid and positive relationships, a win win situation for all involved.

Good service and building positive relationships

Flexibility and attentiveness seemed to be a common thread when dealing with their clients. Nothing seemed too much trouble for them.

This authenticity and these characteristics are an inspiration to me, especially as I developed the vision for aide-de-camp. I knew that I wanted my customers to be at the heart of my business too.

Afterall, my clients are my business. I am being paid to deliver a service that adds value to their life. It gives me the greatest pleasure to give my clients the very best attention and care, I think they deserve it. It’s my way of saying ‘Thank You’ for investing their trust in me.

I want them to feel appreciated and special and I believe what goes around comes around. Assisting people to achieve their goals and to make a difference in their life is paramount to me. When my work is done and I walk away, I want my clients to feel that something positive has just happened, that their life has improved in some way.