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Terms & Conditions

At aide-de-camp we want to make sure our clients receive and enjoy the full benefit of our Services.

Positive connections and empowering working experiences with our clients and making a difference in their lives is of utmost importance to us. For us to achieve this outcome successfully we ask you to read our terms and conditions carefully. We have done our best not to scramble your head with synonyms, acronyms and legal jargon.

Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to the provision of Services detailed on our website, contract of agreement or other form of advertisement by Jane Henderson, trading as aide-de-Camp, jane@aide-de-camp.co.uk (the supplier or I, or we) to you the customer.

By ordering any of the Services set out on our website, excepting our quotation and signing the contract of agreement, you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions.

Our terms and conditions relate to any goods supplied alongside Services unless we specify otherwise.

Order means the Customer’s order for the Services from us, as set out on our website and contract of agreement for Services.

Contract means the legally-binding agreement between you and aide-de-camp for the supply of the Services.

Goods means any goods that we supply to you with the Services, of the number and description as set out in the Order.

Services means the Services, including any Goods, of the number and description, set out on our website and/or in the contract between the customer and aide-de-camp.

The description of the Services is as set out in our website or other form of advertisement.

You may submit your request for Services via email or telephone.

When services and any goods are made to your special requirements, it is your responsibility to ensure that any information or specification you provide is accurate.

We warrant that we will perform our Services with due care and skill which will comply with the quotation/contract, including any aspects that are relevant and essential to the Services.

We will use our reasonable efforts to complete all Services within the time frame agreed however, time shall not be of the essence in the performance of our obligations.

We can make any changes to the Services which are necessary to comply with any law or safety requirement, and we will notify you if this is necessary.

All Services are subject to availability.

The description of Services and any Goods on our website or other form of advertisement does not constitute a contractual offer to sell the Services or Goods.

When an Order has been made, we can reject it for any reason, although we will tell you the reason without delay, which must be due to a price or description mistake, inability to obtain your payment or other genuine and fair reason.

You can withdraw the Order by telling us before the Contract is made, if you simply wish to change your mind and without giving us a reason, and without incurring any liability.

If we are unable to honour a Service which you have booked with us due to events outside our control such as bad weather or illness we will inform you immediately of this by email, phone or text. We will refund your deposit in full or discuss with you an alternative such as to credit this payment towards future Services supplied by us.

A letter of agreement will be formed for the Services ordered, only upon aide de camp sending an email to the Customer saying that the Order has been accepted.

No variation of the Contract, whether about description of the Services, Fees or otherwise, can be made after it has been entered unless the variation is agreed by the Customer and the Supplier in writing.

The Contract continues as long as it takes us to perform the Services.

Customer responsibilities

You must co-operate with us in all matters relating to the Services, provide us and our authorised employees and representatives with access to any premises under your control as required, provide us with all information required to perform the Services and obtain any necessary licences and consents (unless otherwise agreed).

Failure to comply with the above is a Customer default which entitles us to suspend performance of the Services until you remedy it or if you fail to remedy it following our request, we can terminate the Contract with immediate effect on written notice to you.


Neither party shall, during and after termination of the Contract, without the prior written consent of the other party, use or disclose to any other person, any information of the other party which is identified as confidential or which is confidential by its nature.

Any testimonial, comment or photograph provided by clients for publicity material are reproduced with the knowledge and consent of the client concerned.

Our fees and terms of payment

Fees start from £25 an hour (ad hoc) however fees are negotiable depending on the Service required and whether you intend to book a Service with us on a regular basis. Each client will get a customized quote based on their choices.

Upon quote approval, a deposit of 50% for services agreed is required no later than 14 days prior to work commencing. This 50% deposit will confirm and secure your booking with the outstanding balance due on the day of performance.

The deposit is to be paid to aide de camp by bank transfer. All bank details will be on our invoice.

The outstanding balance is to be paid by cash or a debit card payment using our card reader.

All payments must be made in pounds sterling and paid in full.

If you do not pay within the period set above we will cancel any further Services which have been ordered by or otherwise arranged with, you.

Any quotation or estimate of Fees is valid for a maximum period of 30 days from its date, unless we expressly withdraw it at an earlier time. All prices on this web site are subject to change without notification.

Fees and charges include VAT at the rate applicable at the time of the Order. If the rate of VAT increases before acceptance of the Order, we will only increase the Fees or charge by the amount of that increase if you agree, otherwise we must reject the Order and promptly inform you of this.

Fees are exclusive of Petrol costs, parking costs when running errands, personal shopping, disposing of items to charity shops and any other trips out on behalf of the client.

The client is responsible for paying all additional charges on top of the hourly rate.

Please inform us should you need a receipt.

Deposits and Cancellation charges

Cancellations are sometimes unavoidable. However, any cancellation by you within 3 working days of the agreed start time may incur a charge of any expenses incurred by us to date and up to 50% of the agreed session value.

At our discretion we may agree to credit this payment against future work you have booked with us and is rescheduled to start within one month of such cancellation.

Hours of Service

Our services are available between the hours of 8.00am – 6.00pm. Services outside these hours will be made by special arrangement and price per hour will be charged accordingly.

Working hours will be calculated from the time we arrive at your home or premises until the time we leave excluding any breaks.


Any travel over 30 miles will be charged at 45p per mile. This will be discussed during the consultation.

Other suppliers or services

We are happy to make suggestions on the use of additional services, for example, handymen and removal Services and can help to arrange these services. However, we will not be held liable if their performance falls below an acceptable standard nor for any loss or damage caused by any supplier, its employees or agents. Suppliers’ charges are payable by you directly.

Advice disclaimer

All advice given is given in good faith. It is always your own decision whether to follow any advice given. We accept no responsibility for your actions and any consequences of these.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

All aide-de-camp representatives have been DBS (what was CRB) checked.

Public Liability Insurance

Aide-de-camp is covered by Public Liability Insurance to the value of £5 million.