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Personal lifestyle assistance & Concierge services

Aide-de-camp is a customised service providing practical and creative lifestyle assistance and Concierge services for busy people across South West and Central London, Surrey and Wiltshire.

Have you got a never-ending to-do list? Need a helping pair of hands to get jobs done at home or at work? We do the jobs you don’t want to do or haven’t got time to do, large or small, helping to create more time in your daily life. Working on an ad hoc basis, as and when needed, each visit is tailored to suit your requirements.

Running your life

Need someone to run those errands you have been meaning to do for ages? Does your living space need decluttering and re-organizing or do you need assistance to organise an important family or business event? We can help you!

Styling your life

Do you have a one-off project and need help to get started? Are you an independent creative business that needs a little help with the creative side every now and then? Got a wardrobe full of clothes but never know what to wear? Look no further!

Bride & bridesmaid

Getting married to the one that you love is going to be one of the most important days of your life and probably the biggest event you will ever arrange. You have a lot to do so now is the time for you to delegate!

Senior lifestyle

Aide-de-camp provides customised lifestyle services assisting busy Seniors to create and maintain the lives they desire and stay active, vital and involved. We free up your time, while you get on with living your life.


We offer interior design and home staging at Altovita

Aide-de-camp is a service orientated business making a difference. We offer hands on, practical assistance, as and when needed, tackling the jobs you haven’t got time to do, don’t want to do or can’t do.

Every visit is thoughtfully designed to meet your specific needs and with our core values of integrity, honesty and trust at the heart of everything we do, you can always be assured of a friendly and professional service. You are in great hands with us.

Aide-de-camp are listed on AltoVita – Service Travel Rentals for Your Unique Lifestyle.

Tel. 07769 613 627 or email jane@aide-de-camp.co.uk

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