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As the owner of aide-de-camp, lifestyle assistant, I am asked to do so many different jobs for my clients and this really suits the Gemini side of my personality.

I love variety, I love challenges and knowing that I have made a positive difference in the life of another is fulfilling.

I lived in the Cotswolds for eight years and aide-de-camp was launched there. In the Cotswolds most of my work comes from recommendation, word of mouth, and it has slowly built up from there. I have regular clients that feel like family now and it’s a pleasure to help them achieve their goals.

Last year I moved to Kew, South West London as I wanted to spread my wings a bit and bring our services to Kew as well as in Wiltshire. I travel backwards and forwards between the Cotswolds and Kew which is easy for me because I live near to the M4 in both places.

Just lately I was asked to work on a couple of interior projects for two new clients, one in Kingston, London and one in Castle Coombe Gloucestershire. Both quite different however both jobs required skill and attention to detail.

My client in Kingston is going travelling for a year and is renting her apartment out so she asked me to come on over and paint some of the walls for her. Two walls were painted in a lovely Moroccan Red and a hallway in White. What a difference the Red walls made to the ambience of the lounge!
Luckily, I am very experienced with a paint brush so painting walls in a Red is exciting as I love colour and over the years I have worked with interiors, both painting and interior design. Some people find the idea of painting a wall Red, a bit unsettling as it is a daring and dramatic colour especially, if you have been living with White walls previously.

Taking time to prep the walls adequately first and make sure you have the appropriate tools and sufficient floor covering is the key to success. When cutting in especially with a colour, you do need a steady hand and to be mindful of what you are doing. I always start all my tasks with a little blessing, being thankful for the opportunity to be working for the client and to evoke positive energy and love into the task in hand. I have always worked this way, a bit like Marie Kondo really.